Sustainability & Resource Management

Red-Hot Careers for a Bright, Green Future

"Going green" is more than just a 21st-century catchphrase. It’s the mission statement for the new California economy. 

As local governments and businesses continue to pursue clean energy strategies, opportunities are expanding for career-educated professionals in the Sustainability and Resource Management industry. California’s commitment to the green economy includes new sustainability and waste management mandates, which are pushing demand for tech-savvy, college-educated career professionals in this field. Locally, IVC’s Career Education programs are responding to that critical need.

Talk about going green… Salaries for sustainability specialists, recycling managers, waste management specialists and more are rising right along with regional demand. This growing industry sector includes several “Bright Outlook” careers, as awarded by the occupational data tracking application O-Net OnLine. Turns out, Sustainability careers are pretty sustainable. 

IVC’s Sustainability and Resource Management program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, exploring recycling and resource management from a variety of perspectives and in a variety of settings. Core curriculum provides students with an in-depth study of waste and resource management, emphasizing cultural, community, and business applications. Courses cover governmental and organizational policies, practices, and procedures in waste resource management, including best management practices and successful community and educational programs. 

Launch a Future BUILT career in Sustainability & Resource Management. It all starts at Irvine Valley College!

What You Need to Know

What Certificates Are Available to Me?
IVC offers a variety of program types to help build your future-proof career! 

Certificates of Achievement
Certificates of Achievement are state-approved certificates that acknowledge workplace competencies and job readiness in a particular field. In many cases, the courses that comprise a certificate of achievement are the same as those required for an associate degree, minus the General Education courses.

IVC Offers a COA in:
Recycling & Resource Management

Certificates of Proficiency
Certificates of Proficiency acknowledge basic workplace abilities and are designed for students who want to enter the workforce quickly or upgrade their job skills. These certificates have a total credit requirement of less than 18 units and are designed and approved by local business leaders in order to make them as practical as possible. 

IVC Offers a COP in:
Sustainability & Resource Management

Make sure your class schedule is built for success. Visit the course catalog to see what classes you need to earn your degree or certificate in Sustainability & Resource Management.

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Jodi Titus
Faculty Advisor 

IVC Sustainability and Resource Management graduates are building successful futures in careers like these, and more! Here are some in-demand job titles and their average yearly salaries.

Sustainability Specialists = $69,062 
Industrial Ecologists = $75,398 
Recycling and Reclamation Workers = $41,626 
Recycling Coordinators = $50,419 
Material Collectors = $46,579 

Average Salary In This Field

Average Salary In This Field

$41,626 to
Per Year

Potential Careers

Potential Careers

Recycling Coordinator
Industrial Ecologist
Sustainability Specialist

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“The sustainability and resource management program at Irvine Valley College is a wonderful program… if you want to learn about sustainability, recycling, resource management, waste diversion, and just ways to have a cleaner and healthier planet; then this is the program for you!”
- Bryan Nguyen, IVC Alum
“I loved all the classes at IVC. Professors are very professional and friendly. I would encourage everyone who needs a change in career to take courses at IVC.”
- Geiza Goulart, IVC Alum
“IVC was definitely a stepping stone to my internship. From getting involved on campus to figuring out what I wanted out of school, IVC helped me out. My professors were very helpful in my path.”
- Arash Moradi, IVC Alum