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Engineering Success: Next-Level Careers in CAD

Designing a product is one thing… But imagine being tasked with engineering the future.

Drafting Technology and Engineering professionals are doing this every day, creating digital models for products, buildings, systems–basically everything that makes up our world. The future of industry is being built, in Orange County and beyond, and Irvine Valley College students are at the center of that innovation.

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a broad-based discipline, representing a rapidly evolving segment of the technical job market. The expansion of digital technology has revolutionized the mechanical, civil, electrical and architectural design fields, creating increased demand for professionals with high-tech, workforce-relevant skills.

In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of common CAD software platforms, IVC students in Drafting Technology and Engineering receive instruction on modern manufacturing methods, materials of construction, and inspection procedures. Using traditional as well as three-dimensional, computer-based graphic modeling applications, laboratory assignments develop the skills that are required to produce, revise, test, and animate typical products and parts.

Working professionals or students who have previous CAD experience may choose to enroll in advanced, industry-specific courses or complete a certificate of proficiency to better meet their short- and long-term needs. Students who complete one of the available certificates gain a high level of technological competency while developing a strong foundation for their future professional advancement.

Professional-level training is further supported by IVC’s Engineering Laboratory, a state-of-the-art learning space filled with the same cutting-edge tools found in real-world design, manufacturing, inspection, and quality control facilities. Students enrolled in engineering and drafting classes gain direct access to materials and equipment which foster hands-on learning at all stages of the engineering design process. 

Ready to launch a Future BUILT career in Drafting Technology and Engineering Program? It all starts at Irvine Valley College!

What You Need to Know

What Degrees and Certificates Are Available to Me?
IVC offers a variety of program types to help build your future-proof career! 

Associate in Science Degrees
These two-year college degrees are designed for students who want to gain in-depth understanding of a particular field in order to enter a specific profession or to prepare for further education at a technical or trade school, or a 4-year college or university.

IVC Offers an AS in:
Computer-Aided Design

Certificates of Achievement
Certificates of Achievement are state-approved certificates that acknowledge workplace competencies and job readiness in a particular field. In many cases, the courses that comprise a certificate of achievement are the same as those required for an associate degree, minus the General Education courses.

IVC Offers a COA in:
Computer-Aided Design

Certificates of Proficiency
Certificates of Proficiency acknowledge basic workplace abilities and are designed for students who want to enter the workforce quickly or upgrade their job skills. These certificates have a total credit requirement of less than 18 units and are designed and approved by local business leaders in order to make them as practical as possible. 

IVC Offers COPs in:
Civil Computer-Aided Design
Mechanical Computer-Aided Design

Make sure your class schedule is built for success. Visit the course catalog to see what classes you need to earn your degree or certificate in Drafting Technology & Engineering.

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Debbie Vanschoelandt
Interim Dean
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Full-Time Faculty:

Matthew Wolken 
IDEA Department Chair / Drafting and CAAD Instructor
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Zahra Noroozi
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IVC Drafting Technology and Engineering graduates are building successful futures in careers like these, and more! Here are some in-demand job titles and their average yearly salaries.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians = $57,082 
Commercial & Industrial Designers = $63,418 
Mechanical Drafters = $53,357 
Architectural Drafters = $55,258 
Civil Engineering Technicians = $57,850 
Electrical Engineers = $102,355 
Electronics Engineering Technicians = $59,904 
Model Makers, Metal & Plastic = $50,554 

Average Salary In This Field

Average Salary In This Field

$50,554 to
Per Year

Potential Careers

Potential Careers

Mechanical Drafter
Industrial Designer
Electrical Engineer
Civil Engineer

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Our Students Love Us!

“[IVC provides] a hands-on educational perspective, applied to up-to-date hardware within the subjects of additive and subtractive manufacturing, prototyping, and engineering. [Professor McKim’s] education and support for his students helped me get my next job, one which I plan to stay with permanently.”
- Alexander Bowers, IVC Alum
“IVC has a wonderful program and a very supportive staff. I truly enjoy Matt Wolken’s class!”
- Mira Rimal, IVC Student
“I was going through a very non-motivated time in my life [and] my advisors at the OC One Stop Center steered me towards IVC… IVC is a very pleasant environment to learn!”
- Kirk Larson, IVC Alum
“IVC helped prepare me to manage my time more efficiently. I worked multiple jobs and was a full-time student while attending IVC. I learned to juggle multiple tasks which has translated to my work as an intern.”
- Kara Barnett, IVC Alum