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Laser Technology

Success at the Speed of Light: A Bright Future in Laser Tech

You can’t major in time travel (yet!), but with innovations in medicine, defense, aerospace, telecommunications and entertainment seemingly happening at light speed, you can not only see the future, but be a part of its development.

Irvine Valley College’s Laser Technology program was created to meet surging demand for college-educated, tech-ready professionals in this future-critical field. The program provides cutting-edge training in workforce-relevant applications of lasers, cameras, lenses, mirrors, sensors, displays, fiber optics, spectrometers, and other optical devices.

Deemed a “Green New & Emerging Occupation” by occupational data tracker O-NET Online, this field attracts tech-savvy individuals who are inspired by the challenges of a fast-evolving future. IVC Laser Tech grads go on to high-paying careers in a wide variety of industries that rely on optical technology.

IVC’s industry-experienced instructors work with the local business and education community to provide shop-floor demonstrations and to increase public awareness of the diverse opportunities in the field of photonics. In addition to laboratory skills, students gain access to one-on-one advice and support regarding topics like résumé editing, presentation skills, and professional social network profile building.

Laser Technology courses at IVC are based, in part, on the photonics curricula written by industry professionals and published by OP-TEC, the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education. Beginning in 2017, these courses are taught at the new Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation (IDEA) campus at ATEP, a novel center for innovative career education.

Funded in part by a National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Education Grant (Grant No. NSF/DUE0603275), the IVC Laser Technology program provides access to state-of-the-art facilities, featuring the same current industrial equipment found in modern workplaces. 

Ready to launch a Future BUILT career in Laser Technology? It all starts at Irvine Valley College!

What You Need to Know

What Degrees and Certificates Are Available to Me?
IVC offers a variety of program types to help build your future-proof career! 

Certificates of Achievement
Certificates of Achievement are state-approved certificates that acknowledge workplace competencies and job readiness in a particular field. In many cases, the courses that comprise a certificate of achievement are the same as those required for an associate degree, minus the General Education courses.

IVC Offers a COA in:
Photonics Technology

Certificates of Proficiency
Certificates of Proficiency acknowledge basic workplace abilities and are designed for students who want to enter the workforce quickly or upgrade their job skills. These certificates have a total credit requirement of less than 18 units and are designed and approved by local business leaders in order to make them as practical as possible. 

IVC Offers COPs in:
Laser Technology: Optoelectronics
Laser Technology: Photonics
Laser Technology: Precision Optics

Make sure your class schedule is built for success. Visit the course catalog to see what classes you need to earn your degree or certificate in Laser Technology.

Irvine Valley College is proud to provide our communities with affordable, accessible Career Education opportunities. For information on how financial aid, scholarships and grants can make college more affordable, visit IVC’s Financial Aid Office.

School of Integrated Design, Engineering and Automation Department
Department Offices: 949-367-8301

Debbie Vanschoelandt
Interim Dean 
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Matt Wolken 
IDEA Department Chair 
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IVC Laser Technology graduates are building successful futures in careers like these, and more! Here are some in-demand job titles and their average yearly salaries.

Photonics Technicians = $63,763 
Photonics Engineers = $98,918 
Remote Sensing Technicians = $46,330 
Medical Equipment Repairers = $47,770 
Robotics Technicians = $53,395 
Semiconductor Processors = $36,922 
Precision Equipment and Instrument Repairers = $58,214 
Laser Technician = $37,152 

Average Salary In This Field

Average Salary In This Field

$36,922 to
Per Year

Potential Careers

Potential Careers

Photonic Engineer
Robotics Technician
Laser Technician

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“[IVC’s program] is innovative. A lot of helpful resources, not a lot of students.”
- Luis Godinez, IVC Student
“Prof. Wolken is on point! Definitely helps in what I do on a daily basis!”
- Frank Vega, IVC Alum
“I know that I would not be where I am today if it was not for IVC and its faculty, who saw the potential I did not see in myself.”
- Sophia Montano, IVC Alum