Performance Built: Making Music into a Contemporary Career

Not everyone is lucky enough to turn their greatest passion into a paycheck. But with a career education in Music from Irvine Valley College, it IS possible to bring your personal and professional lives into harmony.

Irvine Valley College’s Music Department offers opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds to compose rewarding, future-proof careers in music-related fields. IVC prides itself on outstanding musical education, both theoretical and applied, leading to dynamic and diverse career pathways. 

Both music majors and non-majors are welcome to take courses in music history, basic music theory, voice, piano, and guitar, and even an introduction to the commercial music business. Those who are looking for a more in-depth education may audition for the music degree program, leading to more advanced music theory, applied lessons in the instrument of their choice, and the chance to perform repertoire solo and as part of IVC’s excellent choral and instrumental ensembles. In addition to the major, the Piano Pedagogy Certificate is offered to music majors or advanced piano students who are interested in pursuing a piano teaching career. 

Renowned Performance Ensembles

The Master Chorale, the first music ensemble at IVC, has been performing choral repertoire from a variety of cultures and eras since 1979. The choir has traveled to Europe and South America, and choir members have performed on the stage of Carnegie Hall. 

The Wind Symphony has performed the world, state, and regional premieres of more than 30 works since 1991, and has placed students in national and regional CBDNA intercollegiate bands every year since 1999.

The Symphony Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble also provide students with the opportunity to perform in many different styles of music. All of Irvine Valley College’s performance ensembles are open to community members of all ages.

Ready to launch a Future BUILT career in Music? It all starts at Irvine Valley College!

What You Need to Know

What Degrees and Certificates Are Available to Me?
IVC offers a variety of program types to help build your future-proof career! 

Associate in Arts Degrees
These two-year college degrees are designed for students who want to gain in-depth understanding of a particular field in order to enter a specific profession or to prepare for further education at a technical or trade school, or a 4-year college or university.

IVC Offers an AA in:

Associate in Arts for Transfer Degrees
Like the AA, these degrees give students an in-depth understanding of a particular field but differ in that they are specifically designed to help students transfer seamlessly to a 4-year California State University where they can complete a bachelor’s degree.

IVC Offers an AA-T in:

Certificates of Proficiency
Certificates of Proficiency acknowledge basic workplace abilities and are designed for students who want to enter the workforce quickly or upgrade their job skills. These certificates have a total credit requirement of less than 18 units and are designed and approved by local business leaders in order to make them as practical as possible. 

IVC Offers a COP in:
Piano Pedagogy

Make sure your class schedule is built for success. Visit the course catalog to see what classes you need to earn your degree or certificate in Music.

Irvine Valley College is proud to provide our communities with affordable, accessible Career Education opportunities. For information on how financial aid, scholarships and grants can make college more affordable, visit IVC’s Financial Aid Office.

School of the Arts 
Department Offices: 949-451-5650

Full-Time Faculty:

Daniel Luzko
Director, Music Theory and Composition Area
Contact by Email

Matthew Tresler
Director, Choral and Vocal Area and Department Chair 
Contact by Email

Susan Boettger
Director, Keyboard Area 
Contact by Email

IVC Music graduates are building successful futures in careers like these, and more! Here are some in-demand job titles and their average yearly salaries.

Musicians, Instrumental = $59,002 
Music Composers, Arrangers = $47,866 
Singers = $59,002 
Program Directors     $91,757 
Art, Drama and Music Teachers, Postsecondary = $79,200 
Music Therapists = $65,894 

Average Salary In This Field

Average Salary In This Field

$47,866 to
Per Year

Potential Careers

Potential Careers

Music Composer
Music Therapist
Program Director

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Our Students Love Us!

“Prior to college, I was mainly just involved in choir and singing activities. I decided to try out this course and it led me to graduating from UCI with a degree in Drama… Try new things. Take classes and join clubs you never thought you would ever try (let alone enjoy). It will surprise you!”
- Ericka Redding, IVC Alum
“There were so many opportunities to train vocally and hone my stage presence and performance, but also develop leadership qualities.”
- Jasmine Monroe, IVC Alum
“I enjoyed being involved on campus and making connections with the campus community. I would encourage any future students to engage on campus in any and every way they can.”
- Danielle Richmond, IVC Student